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Why TechPro Medical?

The challenges facing healthcare providers today are greater than ever. The constantly changing regulations and insurance requirements strain both staff and budgets. Striving to provide the latest treatments and patient care while managing a healthy practice requires a dynamic management team.

For over 30 years TechPro Medical has specialized in meeting the unique needs of medical offices with exceptional software solutions. With TechPro Medical you can gather and interpret vast amounts of data with ease and speed. Your billing service should make your job EASIER. With TechPro, you will get paid faster and experience a stronger, more stable cash flow as well as a reduction in denials. We are paid only on what we collect, so your success is our success. You are reimbursed directly by the third party payers, maintaining control of your accounts.

Today’s physicians require a technology partner who understands their challenges. TechPro provides the most comprehensive, cost effective management packages available for the medical office of today. AND tomorrow.

Ask yourself…

  • Can you personally keep current with the ever changing billing and coding rules ?
  • Do you have experienced office coding personnel ?
  • Does your staff have the time and skills to deal with the insurance companies ?
  • Are you being paid fully and fairly for everything you do ?

Call us today to find out what TechPro Medical can do for you.

About Us